Living like Jesus

  • Walking like Jesus

    Walking like Jesus

    “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." Luke 23:34 Even as He hung on the cross, Jesus called upon the Father with these words. Even as He was being crucified, he asked God to forgive those who were putting him to death. What an amazing act! And what an act so beyond the scope of humanity. We were created in God's image, but do we live a life that emulates that of Jesus? It is certainly no easy feat to rise above our flesh and act in the spiritual way of Jesus, but through God all things...

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  • Celebrating simplicity: how the tee came to be

    Celebrating simplicity: how the tee came to be

    "Our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify." • Henry David Thoreau So wrote one of America's great thinkers in 1854, and, honestly, has life become any simpler in the twenty-first century? In a world where there are an increasing number of demands on life, when electronic devices are supposed to make like easier, do they actually simplify it? We wanted to call attention to the fact that sometimes life just needs to be simpler, and we wanted to create a t-shirt that not only celebrated that idea, but also exemplified it. We started with a font that was itself free...

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  • Find your true love short sleeve t-shirt the story behind

    A love found: the story behind our new tee

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    Love. We wanted to create a new shirt that celebrated the quest to find our truest love. Little did we know that when we created this shirt, it would have an even richer meaning to our model, Kelsey. When asked to help us with our recent photo shoot spotlighting our new shirts, "Find Your True Love" was a tee for which she quickly volunteered. When she showed up at the John Oliver Michael House, we were overwhelmed by the story she shared with us. Kelsey's grandfather—her Papa—passed away unexpectedly in June 2009. The entire family was hit hard by it, and...

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  • Serving up Christmas tees!

    Serving up Christmas tees!

    PEOPLE LOVE THE HOLIDAYS, and most would say that the Christmas season is indeed the most wonderful and magical time of the year! After Thanksgiving, people break out their festive gear, and one of the main ways to do that is through holiday t-shirts. This year, we decided to unwrap four new Christmas designs in four unique tees and hoodies. We thought you might enjoy the thought process that went into the designs and shirt selections for each! Our first design is our Joy, Peace, Believe, Christmas tree hoodie. We knew we wanted to have a holiday offering in a...

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  • It's been a long road to opening, but here we are!

    It's been a long road to opening, but here we are!

    The switch has been thrown and the lights are now shining through the "windows" of our own, autonomous website—Simple Truths Designs! It all started over a year ago when Marsha and I learned that one of the original owners of the Simple Truths Designs Etsy page wanted to sell the business. Knowing that we were both in the last year of our respective careers in education, we prayed about whether we should take the plunge and purchase Simple Truths Designs. Marsha felt that God was leading us to buy the site; we loved the message of ALL of life's simple truths we...

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  • Simple Truths Designs at Mule Camp festival IN Gainesville, Georgia.

    Falling into autumn festivals

    Simple Truths Designs is in the middle of North Georgia's fall festival season! We have just returned from the Mule Camp festival, located in Gainesville, Georgia, held on the square there on October 6-7. And what a time we had! The only downside was that the threat of Hurricane Nate sent most of the vendors home Saturday evening, missing out on Sunday. It was a blast to meet so many new people, whether vendors or customers. One of the things Marsha and I wanted to do when we first purchased Simple Truths Designs and then launched our own website was to meet...

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