Find your true love short sleeve t-shirt the story behind

A love found: the story behind our new tee

Love. We wanted to create a new shirt that celebrated the quest to find our truest love.

Little did we know that when we created this shirt, it would have an even richer meaning to our model, Kelsey. When asked to help us with our recent photo shoot spotlighting our new shirts, "Find Your True Love" was a tee for which she quickly volunteered. When she showed up at the John Oliver Michael House, we were overwhelmed by the story she shared with us.

Kelsey's grandfather—her Papa—passed away unexpectedly in June 2009. The entire family was hit hard by it, and still are. In December, Kelsey's Nana gave her the wedding bands the two of them had worn during their marriage. She also said he had paid $60 for them on the day of their wedding. They symbolized something far more priceless to not only them, but their entire family.

"The rings represent everything I know about love," Kelsey said. "He loves her endlessly, and I know she feels the same about him. Always. They found their true love."

As you can see in the pictures, Kelsey wears her grandparents' wedding bands on a chain around her neck.

Our Find Your True Love tee is now available.

We hope the story behind this shirt helps you to pursue your truest love, no matter what form it might take!

  • Sharon Hogan says...

    I am Kelsey’s grandmother, Nana, she is very special to me. I love her with all my heart ???

    On Jan 27, 2018

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