Celebrating simplicity: how the tee came to be

Celebrating simplicity: how the tee came to be

"Our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify." • Henry David Thoreau

So wrote one of America's great thinkers in 1854, and, honestly, has life become any simpler in the twenty-first century? In a world where there are an increasing number of demands on life, when electronic devices are supposed to make like easier, do they actually simplify it?

We wanted to call attention to the fact that sometimes life just needs to be simpler, and we wanted to create a t-shirt that not only celebrated that idea, but also exemplified it.

We started with a font that was itself free of flourishes and hearkened to the outdoors, one that even literally had a rugged edge. When someone sees or wears this shirt, that rough edge is conveyed through the screen printing process. Next, we did not want to add any type of graphics or lines to the design—nothing that would complicate it, nothing that would detract from the message. We also debated whether we should add an exclamation point to it to emphasize the message, but we discarded that notion as it too might clutter the design. Eventually, we were happiest with the almost Spartan simplicity of the design, one we feels beautifully mirrors the message. Finally, we chose a lightweight navy colored tee as the canvas on which the design would reside. When you wear this shirt, you will not feel weighted down!

We were also thrilled that Angela Harris, agreed to model this shirt for us. And, as an elementary eduction teacher, Angela understands the need of trying to simplify life!

Simplify is available now on our site as well as at our Etsy store. We hope you enjoy this shirt as much as we had designing it!

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