Serving up Christmas tees!

Serving up Christmas tees!

PEOPLE LOVE THE HOLIDAYS, and most would say that the Christmas season is indeed the most wonderful and magical time of the year! After Thanksgiving, people break out their festive gear, and one of the main ways to do that is through holiday t-shirts.

This year, we decided to unwrap four new Christmas designs in four unique tees and hoodies. We thought you might enjoy the thought process that went into the designs and shirt selections for each!

Our first design is our Joy, Peace, Believe, Christmas tree hoodie. We knew we wanted to have a holiday offering in a hoodie, and we liked the red body/grey drawstring made by Anvil, one similar to our God is Greater than the Highs and Lows purple hoodie. At a festival in October where we ran a booth, we saw a wood craftsman with Christmas trees made of slats of wood with words painted on them and were inspired to create a design for our t-shirts where the actual words formed the shape of a holiday tree. We liked the increasing character count of words such as joy, peace, believe and Christmas, as well as the way they capture the true essence of the season. With that in place, I sat down at the computer and began to play with the words, finally finding a way where we both thought they interacted well together while suggesting the shape we wanted. The tree still looked somewhat bare, so it was time to decorate it and then place the star! When it came time to print the screen, we decided on silver water based ink. We felt the interaction of the design and the silver ink made for a fun, modern take on the Christmas spirit!

For another design, we had long felt that we wanted to honor the origins of the holiday season—the birth of Jesus. Marsha felt led to use the phrase They Followed the Star, evoking the story of the wise men's trek in search of the baby. We wanted a classic look to the font, but married that with more whimsical stars. For its canvas, we wanted to capture the feel of an evening sky, of the time the stars first appear, so we selected a long-sleeve Comfort Colors tee in True Navy. With this design also printed in silver ink, we felt it fully represented the time of day that the nativity story occurs as the wise men looked to the heavens and allowed the star to guide them.

For our last two designs, we actually spoke to some friends and used two of the ideas they gave us as we felt they would compliment the two we had created. The first one that called to us was an homage to the classic movie It's a Wonderful Life. Like They Followed the Star, this tee needed to have a more classic look, in both the design and the shirt. We also wanted to have the contrasting sans-serif and script fonts, with the latter highlighting the key word of the phrase, life. Placing this on a lightweight heather grey long-sleeve tee made by Bella + Canvas also evoked the feeling of an old black and white film, especially with the pearly white ink used for printing.

Finally, we wanted a fun, contemporary t-shirt, and the suggestion of Merry Everything & Happy Always fit that perfectly! The joyous spirit of the season can permeate everything and then spill over into the new year. The font used captures the feel of Christmas, light  and airy, but with a touch of classic swooshes. The design is printed in pearly white ink on a 3/4 sleeve Next Level raglan (baseball jersey) to add to the fun feel of the magic of the overall package. Our print run began on a heather grey body with red sleeves, but our distributor has sold out of this shirt, as apparently we were not alone in liking it for the season, so we are switching to the same body color but with green sleeves. This version of the shirt is already on sale at the Mercantile on Main in Watkinsville, Georgia.

Though every shirt on which these designs are printed was chosen to interact with the particular design, if you purchase any of these shirts online, you can change the shirt. Just be sure to send us a message.

Please share your thoughts with us about these shirts as well as making suggestions for designs we might be able to use for Christmas 2018!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year—or Merry Everything & Happy Always!


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